Rotary table cylinders HRQ series

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Rotary table cylinders HRQ series

Ordering code: HRQ-10-A-G

Double acting pneumatic cylinder

Rotary cylinder with adjustment bolt or internal shock absorber.

Temperature range: 0-60°C

Product feature:

  1. Rack and pinion design, stable functioning.
  2. Double cylinder structure, double output could be achieved.
  3. The manufacturing precision of working platform is high, and is easy for installation, and is of precise orientation.
  4. The center of working platform has a through hole, and pipe can be located and passed through this hole.
  5. Guide hole is designed on the both side of the cylinder body (10-200) or undersurface (2-7), which is simply to install.
  6. Two modes of buffer could be chosen, adjustment bolt buffer and internal shock absorber, the  maximum buffer energy of internal shock absorber is 3-5 times that of adjustment bolt buffer.

Installation and application:

  1. Dirty substances in the pipe must be eliminated before cylinder is connected with pipeline to prevent the entrance of impurities into the cylinder.
  2. The medium used by cylinder shall be filtered to 40 μ m or below.
  3. Anti-freezing measure should be adopted under low temperature environment to prevent moisture freezing.
  4. If the cylinder is dismantled and stored for a long time, pay attention to conduct anti-rust treatment to the surface. Anti-dust caps shall be added in air inlet and outlet ports.

cilindru unghiular rotativ

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