Liquid ring vacuum pump AMEX 25-450 series

Vacuum pump, mechanical, with pneumatic actuator, AMEX series, ideal for the applications where using a compressor or oil is not possible, or where high vacuum flow, noise reduction and continuous vacuuming are needed

Model: with liquid ring
Water consumption (Mc/h):0.2-1.45
Vacuum flow:18-325 Mc/h
Mbar vacuum:33
Electric motor power(Kw):
Electric motor voltage (V):
220/380 Hz50
Rotation speed (RPM):
1450 – 2850

Vacuum lubricated pump ANVM-ANVS 20-70 series

Mechanical vacuum pump with electric actuator ANVM-ANVS series, ideal for applications where using a compressor is impossible or where high vacuum flow, reduced noise and continuous vacuuming is necessary.

Model: Lubricated
Oil capacity (L):0.5-1
Debit:150 Mc/h
Mbar vacuum:10
Electric motor power (Kw):
0,55(50Hz)-0,66(60Hz) – 1,5(50Hz)-1,8(60Hz)
Electric motor voltage(V):
230/400V (Hz50)-265/460V (Hz60)
Rotating speed (RPM):
1450 (50Hz) – 1740 (60Hz)
Working temperature:-10°C+80°C