/ / / Transparent PVC hose with textile reinforcement TRICOCLAIR® AL

Transparent PVC hose with textile reinforcement TRICOCLAIR® AL

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Multipurpose hose suitable for numerous applications:
– supplying compressed air for tools and machines
– carrying industrial gases
– carrying foodstuffs
– carrying certain chemical products (industry, medical, laboratories)
– supplying water (water treatment)

– automotive industry
– assembly plants
– plastics industry
– food production industry
– construction, garages (for cars, lorries & agricultural machinery)
– woodworking, etc.


The unique formula of the materials used in Tricoclair AL provides it with flexibility, long service life, higher UV
resistance and greater transparency. It is suitable for contact with food products and even alcohols up to 50 %. For its part, the balanced reinforcement provides high pressure resistance with little deformation. Thus, it can withstand long and frequent pressure impulse a pressure cycles.

Tricoclair Al possesses broad chemical compatibility. Amongst the products compatible under certain
temperature and concentration conditions, we mention: certain acids (hydrochloric, acetic, boric, citric, nitric,
phosphoric…); certain bases (sodium hydroxide, potassium…); bleach; sea water; salts (certain chlorides,
nitrates, sulphates, phosphates, carbonates…). Usage for hydrocarbon leads to a loss of flexibility which
can cause Tricoclair Al hose degradation. Please contact us for further details.

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