Airo & CO Srl

We are a pneumatic equipment importer, based in Sibiu. We deliver, off the shelf and made to order, a various range of merchandise: pneumatic fittings, modular FRL preparation groups, 2/2-way pneumatic valves, valves (electric, manual or pneumatic actuated 3/2-way, 5/2-way, 5/3-way, 4/2-way, 4/3-way), manometers, sight glasses, check valves, sensors, accessories for cylinders, metallic couplings and connectors, industrial tubing (compressed air PVC hose and pneumatic PU/PA tube), blowing guns, pneumatic tools, automatic hose reels etc.


We produce pneumatic cylinders in Sibiu

Using the cylinder kits, the Italian aluminum shirt and the best quality rod in Romania, we can produce cylinders with diameters ranging from Ø32 mm to Ø125 mm and strokes between 5 and 2000mm

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Direct importers of ATC, GAV, Sicomat, Sferaco, Sectoriel, etc

We import from Italy push-in couplings, hoses, solenoid valves, valves, FRL groups, quick couplings, hose clips

From France our range is complete with valves, valves, sensors, actuators, pressure gauges, steam equipment, gas etc.


Our products have arrived in France, Austria, Serbia, Republic of Moldova, Macedonia etc. due to the continuous improvement efforts

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