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Simple or double acting air gripper HFY series

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Simple or double acting air gripper HFY series

Ordering code: HFY-6

Simple or double acting angular style air gripper

Temperature range: 20 -70°C

Product feature:

  1. Using a single piston structure, large gripping torque;
  2. Integrated with variable flow valve, it is easy and convenient to adjust the speed of opening and closing of gripping jaw;
  3. Reasonable gripping angle, wide range of actual use;
  4. Precise positioning accuracy, it is more accurate and reliable when gripping work-piece;
  5. Various types of installation, it is convenient for the use in different occasions;
  6. All series are attached with magnet, so that it is easy to control.

Installation and application:

  1. Due to the abrupt changes, the pressure is low, which will lead to the decrease of the gripping force and falling off the work pieces. In order to avoid the harm to the human body and damage to the equipment, anti-dropping device must be equipped.
  2. Don’t use the air gripper under strong external force and impact force.
  3. When install and fix the air gripper, avoid falling down, collision and damage.
  4. When fixing the gripping jaw parts, don’t twist the gripping jaw.
  5. There are several kinds of installation method, and the torque of fastening screw must be within the prescribed moment range shown in the chart regarding the installation. If the locking moment is too large, it will cause the dysfunctional. If the locking moment is too small, it will cause the position deviation and fall.
  6. When install the gripping jaw fittings, you have to pay particular attention that you can only hold the gripping jaw by using spanner, and then lock the screws with allen wrench.Never clamp the body directly and then lock the screws, otherwise the parts will be easily damaged.
  7. When gripping work-piece, the work-piece must be located in the center line of the two gripping jaws, and the two gripping jaws also need to touch the work-piece at the same time, otherwise they will be easily damaged.
  8. Confirm that there is no additional external forces that are exerted on the gripping jaw. Transverse load acts on the gripping jaw, which will cause impact load and leads to the shaking and damage of gripping jaw. Equip with gaps so that the air gripper will not crush into work-pieces and accessories at the end of its trip.
  9. When the work-pieces are inserted, the center line should be coaxial, no offset, in case there are external force generated on gripping jaw. When testing, it is specially required that the manual operation should be reduced, the pressure should be used to run it at a low speed, and guarantee the safety and no impact.
  10. Please use the flow control valve to adjust the opening and closing speed of gripping jaw if too fast.
  11. People can not enter the movement path of air gripper and articles can not be placed on the path too.
  12. Before removing the air gripper, please confirm that it is out of working state, and then discharge of compressed air.


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