Guided compact cylinders ACE series

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Compact cylinders ACE series


Product feature:

  1. In accordance with ISO21287 standard, the mounting size is vogue.
  2. The cylinder body connects with the threads of the front and back cover, forming high strength and convenient maintenance.
  3. The internal diameter of the body is treated with rolling followed by the treatment of hard anodizing, forming an excellent abrasion resistance and durability.
  4. the seal of piston adopts heterogeneous two-way seal structure,. It has compact dimension and the function of oil reservation.
  5. Compact structure can effectively save fifty percent installation space with ISO12552 standard cylinder.
  6. There are magnetic switch slots around the cylinder body, which is convenient to install induction switch.
  7. Bumper is available and it can availably absorb excrescent energy.
  8. Installing accessories with various specifications are optional.

Installation and application

  1. When load changes in the work, the cylinder with abundant output capacity shall be selected.
  2. Relative cylinder with high temperature resistance or corrosion resistance shall be chosen under the condition of high temperature or corrosion.
  3. Necessary protection measure shall be taken in the environment with higher humidity, much dust or water drops, oil dust and welding dregs.
  4. Dirty substances in the pipe must be eliminated before cylinder is connected with pipeline to prevent the entrance of particles into the cylinder.
  5. The medium used by cylinder shall be filtered to 40 μ m or below.
  6. As both of the front cover and piston of the cylinder are short, typically too large stroke can not be selected.
  7. Anti-freezing measure shall be adopted under low temperature environment to prevent moisture freezing.
  8. The cylinder shall avoid the influence of side load in operation to maintain the normal work of cylinder and extend the service life.
  9. If the cylinder is dismantled and stored for a long time, please conduct anti-rust treatment to the surface. Anti-dust caps shall be added in air inlet and outlet ports. The front and back cover can not be dismantled, which shall be especially noticed.

Please refer to the tables bellow for technical data and versions of this cylinder.

12 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

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