Air tube in polyurethane BPUT

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Air tube in polyurethane BPUT



Plastic polyurethane material conforms to the ROHS environment protection requirement.

High elasticity: small bends radius enables PU tube to pass through the tight spaces.

Anti-knot: better anti-knot effect than other plastic tubes.

Anti-abrasion: long working life and suitable for the environment in which it is easy to be worn.

Low permeability of gas: relieve the problems of leakage and pollution.

Good anti-solubility: no solvent leaks, therefore it will not pollute the environment.

Operating temperature: -20 la 70° C

Low compression: maintain excellent physical character

Wide resistance: it has certain resistance to chemicals, water, fuel, oil and bacterium.

Available colours: black, blue, orange, transparent, semi-transparent blue , red and yellow.


Code Name Package length Working pressure at 23°C Burst pressure at 23°C
BPUT2.5X4 Polyurethane tube Ø2.5xØ4 200m 8 bar 35 bar
BPUT4X6 Polyurethane tube Ø4xØ6 200m 7.5 bar 30 bar
BPUT5X8 Polyurethane tube Ø5xØ8 100m 8 bar 35 bar
BPUT5.5X8 Polyurethane tube Ø5.5xØ8 100m 6 bar 24 bar
BPUT6X8 Polyurethane tube Ø6xØ8 100m 4 bar 16 bar
BPUT6.5X10 Polyurethane tube Ø6.5xØ10 100m 8 bar 32 bar
BPUT8X10 Polyurethane tube Ø8xØ10 100m 2.5 bar 10 bar
BPUT8X12 Polyurethane tube Ø8xØ12 100m 7.5 bar 30 bar
BPUT10X12 Polyurethane tube Ø10xØ12 100m 2 bar 8 bar
BPUT12X16 Polyurethane tube Ø12xØ16 100m 7.5 bar 30 bar

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