The beginning

It all began with one man, who had a passion and was willing to make his dream come true. It is so that Airo&Co was born, in 2007, and it was its destiny to become one of the most important pneumatic equipment distributors in Romania.

The beginning was difficult, as the market was already monopolized by traditional distributors and, at the moment, they seemed difficult to be outclassed and impossible to be replaced.

Our clients were reluctant to try new products and unwilling to risk ordering products they weren’t familiar with. Moreover, they were acquainted with the codifications of the products they already used. It was all new to them.

We had some ups and some downs, but the hard work, persistence and passion finally paid off.

Airo & Co SRL now

Our team gets bigger, constantly. In 2012 we moved to a new address,34, Morilor street (Sibiu). We now own a warehouse that gets narrower everyday, even though it is three times bigger than the initial one.

We got to optimize the space using shelving units for the techno-polymer and metal fittings, and were soon forced to use the same solution when it came to stocking our wide range of pneumatic valves (electric, manual or pneumatic actuated).

We always supply the stocks of air treatment units, tubing, quick couplings, metal connectors, cylinders, accessories for cylinders, including sensors and shock absorbers, so that we can minimize the delivery time and you can rely on us as a business partner.

Even though, at the moment, it is physically impossible for us to keep all the products on stock, as we commercialize more than 50.000 items, we make sure we always have the most common products on stock.

Current projects

In order to keep you posted with the most up to date information, we have developed a newsletter system through which we inform you, as soon as possible, about the current offers or the newest products. So, we invite you to subscribe to our newsletter.

More than that, as a premiere in this domain (if you ask us), we launched a blog exclusively dedicated to our domain of activity. This segment will constantly be be updated with tutorials. There are already a few tutorials ready: How to read pneumatic flow sheets. (currently only in romanian)

The series of tutorials continues with new lessons of introduction to pneumatics, lessons that are to be periodically published. You are hereby invited to comment with us on these articles and to develop a community.

You are always welcome to ask for our advice, and we will do our best in helping you.


Future projects

In the future, our desire is to expand the range of on stock products. This category includes ball valves, manual butterfly valves (wafer, lug), steam traps, Y strainers, sight glasses, ball valves with actuators, wafer and lug valves with actuators etc.

We are already making square cylinders and, in the near future, we wish to manage to also make round cylinders.

We are sure that, together, we will succeed in accomplishing these projects and you, the client, will benefit from these services.

For furtherinformation, do not hesitate to contact us. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Frequently asked questions

The manufacturer of our product is not on listed on your website. Can you get me products from this specific manufacturer?

Most often, we try to find the equivalent of the product and offer you a product with the same specifications from our range. If this is not be possible, we try to intermediate the acquisition of the product from the desired manufacturer.

How much time does it take for the products to be delivered?

The products that are on stock leave the same day. Regarding the products made on order, we try to get them in a reasonable time frame. In Romania, the shipment is free for orders equal to or bigger than 100€ (VAT not included). When it comes other countries, please ask for for free shipping conditions.

Are there any requirements for the optimal operating of the products?

Each product has certain operating conditions, but, the most important is that the air must be treated. That is, throughout the installation, there must be an air filter (for dust, humidity, other residue) and a lubricant. Products failure due to impurities in the installation will nullify the warranty of the product.

Do you offer warranty for the delivered goods?

The delivered products come with a warranty that lasts 12 months from the invoice date. If the product is used as it was designed by the manufacturer

The codification is no longer noticeable on the product. Can it still be identified?

Most of the time, yes, it can. We only need the image of the product and the operating mode and we will try to identify the product and offer you an alternative.

Do you have any stocks?

Yes, we do. The common products are on stock. We try to keep as many products as possible on stock but, unfortunately, certain products can only be delivered after being imported from the supplier.

Do you have a showroom?

Unfortunately, at the moment, we do not have a showroom, but, in the future, things may change.